Four Benefits of Termite Protection before Moving To Your New Home

Wednesday, 18 November 2015
You have constructed a new house. Everything is ready in your house. Yet, you should not move into your new home before applying termite chemical treatment. This will help you to defend against possible claims in the future. Moreover, this kind of post-construction termite protection provides several benefits to your home.

I have given some benefits in this post:

  • It is less expensive treatment because your home is new and no need to move the furniture for this treatment. 

  • You can do wasps eradication treatment which will help you to prevent pesticide problems in the further in your home. 

  • Termites are everywhere, especially in valley communities and wooded areas. In these areas the risk of a termite invasion is very high; so, it is better to treat early than later.

  • When termites are detected in a structure after it is built, a general rule is that the termites have been in the structure 5-6 years. During this time, they are eating wood, which may cause structural damage in your home.

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