3 essential questions to ask a pest control firm for bees control

Thursday, 6 February 2014
Are you afraid of bees infestation in your home from hives in your vicinity? Fret not as there is a solution for even this sort of situation, which is to opt for a pest control firm. This is because controlling these stinging insects requires a high level of training, equipments and the knowledge of certain tools and techniques, which are used by these firms for effective bees control. Here are certain things that you need to ask the firms before hiring them:
  • How will you locate the hive? Locating the beehive (or the source of any pest) is of utmost importance. Generally, what the firm will do is to check for potential places where they build the hive such as – porches, in the attic, awnings, trees etc. during sunrise or sunset, when the hive is usually buzzing with activity.
  • How will you eradicate the bees? Different firms use different techniques (such as Altis reticulation system) to eradicate pests. Hence, you must ask them what technique they will use to kill the bees and see whether the technique matches your requirements or not. What I mean to say is that the method of curbing the pests should not be such that it is unsafe for you and your family. This point holds true for bed bugs or ant control as well.
  • Can you provide me a quote? Asking a quote from the pest control firm is something that is extremely important as you need to see whether the firm fits your budget constraints or not. After having quotes from 2-3 firms, you can find out which ones will meet your needs and that too without breaking your bank and choose the same.
To Conclude
These are some of the questions that will help you need to hire pest control firms before hiring them for bees eradication. I hope that you will implement them. Good luck!