3 Signs Your Home May be Infested with Termites

Wednesday, 29 October 2014
Infestation of household pests is an annoying problem. However, most of these bugs won’t cause any significant damage as termites do. Counted as one of the scariest insects, these species can take a toll on your home’s structural strength and safety. Find more info regarding the termite by visiting our website . Also known as white ants in Melbourne, these destructive species are categorised into subterranean termite and dry wood termite.

The ability of critters to hide for long periods of time without getting noticed makes it hard to detect the termite infestation. So homes may have these destructive insects doing their damage from the inside out from a pretty long time. Here are some of the signs of termite infestation that you need to watch out for. If you think the insects have invaded your property, book the professional services of a company offering termite control in Melbourne. Click here to know about the effective termite control treatments.
  • The swarm: Do you notice a group of winged insects emerging from your home foundation or basement? It might be a sign that they have their own colony in your building or property.

  • Check for the termite damage: It won’t be an easy task to detect the damage by a random examination. It might be water damage, swollen floors or buckling wood for subterranean termite damage, while veneer cracks and maze-like tunnels in the furniture are signs of dry wood termite damage.

  • Mud tunnels: This is the way through which food is transported. You can find pencil size mud tubes on home’s foundations or exterior walls.
Not just the above pointers, but there are several more signs that will warn you about the pest infestation. Even though, you can’t find any signs, it is highly recommended to carry out a termite inspection in your home to ensure safety.