How does a homeguard termite barrier work?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

To most of us, the battle against pests and termites is ongoing. It never fades away and you have to call your service provider for periodic termite treatments. However, there are other termite control options such as homeguard termite barriers which can prevent termites from entering the house. They are a preventive measure that keep away all termites and other pests and do not let them penetrate your house. How do they work?

You may opt for termite pre purchase pest inspections which will tell you about the termite problems of a property. Homeguard termite barrier is a membrane that is laid down just below the concrete sheet of your house. This sheet repels termites and even kills some of them. This sheet is best for house that are about to be built as they can be installed while construction. However, existing houses can also avail the benefits of this guard by contacting an experienced contractor.

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