Two types of homeguard termite barriers

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Termites cause massive damage to properties and houses all over Australia. Every year, thousands of dollars are spent on termite and white ants (Melbourne) control. There are many kinds of termite barriers one can use to prevent and eliminate termites from a habitat. Some are chemical barriers while others are physical barriers. A professional might advice a combination of both for effective termite control.

  • Chemical Barriers: Chemical homeguard termite barriers can be set up at the foundation of the building. It can also be carefully filled in gaps and cracks where termites enter from. They carry this chemical to their colony and spread it across.
  •  Physical barriers: There are many kinds of physical barriers that can be used to trap and eradicate termites in Victoria (Click). They are made from material that termites cannot eat their way through such as crushed rocks or metals. They are placed in the foundation, cavities or under concrete slabs in buildings.
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