Three things to check before buying property

Monday, 29 June 2015

Suppose you have decided to buy a shiny new car. Would you simply go to the showroom and purchase it? I am sure you will do your research, go through reviews, understand the features and specifications, take a test drive and finally if you are convinced that it is your money’s worth, you will make the purchase decision. Buying a house is a bigger investment than buying a car. Are you sure you do enough research and take enough precautions to make sure it is a worthy investment? Here are a few things you must look at before buying a new property.

  • Always opt for a termite pre purchase pest inspection. This inspection must be by a thorough professional who can tell you what are the pest and insect threats to the building and how much repairing foes it require.
  • Find out if there are homeguard termite barriers ( installed in the apartments. These barriers are important as they will prevent any future attacks from termites or other pests.
  • Also ask your broker to do a background check about the neighbourhood, the crime rate, the nearby facilities, etc.
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