Tips To Prevent and Remove Silverfish

Thursday, 12 May 2016
Pesticide and insects are often found in the house which is bound to harm and destroy the house adversely. Silverfish is most commonly found insect which can create a lot of havoc. Therefore, it is important to remove silverfish to avoid damage of your belongings and property.

The following tips will help you to prevent and remove silverfish efficiently
  • The first and foremost measure that you could take to get rid of silverfish is that try to keep the items away as much as possible that attract silverfish. Keep the items like rotten old books, cardboard debris, press board debris, loose papers away.
  • You can apply equal amount of baking soda and honey along with water into small pieces of sturdy paper or cardboard for insect control.
  • Regularly spraying pest control liquid and gases in your house can prevent lot of insect and pesticide accumulation in your house.
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