Three Effective Ways to Remove Silverfish from Your Home

Wednesday, 4 May 2016
There are many different kinds of pesticide and insects that are capable to harm your home. Among them the silverfish is very common and dangerous small insect. Therefore, it is important to remove silverfish from your property.

In this post, I have given three effective ways for controlling this dangerous tiny insect.
  • The first and the most preventative measure that should be taken to make sure that you get rid of the types of food that attract silverfish. This includes old books that are rotting, cardboard debris, press board debris, loose papers that generally found in any home.
  • Mix equal parts water, baking soda and honey, then apply it to small pieces of sturdy paper or cardboard.  This mixture will surely help you to achieve the purpose of silverfish control.
  • However, it if it is not controlled even by taking above given steps it is important that you should hire professional that can helps you to control silverfish and also helps you for the cockroach control.
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