Altis Termite Reticulation System.

Friday, 5 August 2016
Altis Termite Reticulation System is one of the most flexible and adaptable reticulation systems available. This system is ideally suited for upgrading post construction termite management programs as well as pre-construction and renovation termite work. The Altis reticulation system is NRA and Codemark approved.

The Altis system is an environmentally friendly and safe way to apply chemicals beneath your building

altis reticulation system

  • Is suitable for pre and post construction termite works.
  • Termite Management System that is easily installed, pumped up and recharged when required.
  • Has ABCB Certification and/or CSIRO Approvals.
  • Eliminates exposure & disruption to contractors when termiticides are applied or reapplied.
  • Eliminates potential spray drift during termiticide application.

Altis Reticulation System is approved with a large range of chemicals to be applied through the System. Every Home, extension, pre-construction & post construction will have its individual needs, Contact us on 1800 113 112 or visit our website at  to request further information.