Three Most Common Sign to Detect the Termite Infestation in Your Home

Tuesday, 1 December 2015
The termite is most common problem which may occur in many homes. However, if you are able to detect the problem in the early stage then it helps you for the effectively Kordon termite barrier.

Here, I have given some common signs to detect the Termite Infestation.

1. If you found the presence of mud-like material that lines the galleries in an irregular pattern, then it may be because of the termite.

2. Subterranean termites construct four types of tubes or tunnels. Working tubes are constructed from nests in the soil to wooden structures it is mainly because of the termites.

3. The appearance of a swarm near light sources this indicates a nest may be near and you need termites in Victoria. However, you should be careful because at first glance, swarmers and the ants look similar, but can be distinguished by certain physical features.

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