Understanding pre and post-construction termite protection

Monday, 19 October 2015
Most people are misinformed about termite and pest control and protection. Some people think it can be done only before you move into an apartment while others think wasps eradication needs to be done only after one spots an infestation. However, there are two main stages in pest control: pre construction pest control and post construction pest control. Let us understand the functioning of both the stages to get a better understanding of the procedures and purpose.
  • Pre construction process: in construction termite and pest protection, the entire plot is chemically treated to remain pest and termite free. Similarly, slabs are cut and filled with chemicals to prevent termites fro allm entering the building at all.
  • Post construction process: post-construction termite protection is also treating the construction with chemicals. However, it is dome post the building has been constructed and many times inhibited by residents.
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Source : http://fumapest.weebly.com/blog/-understanding-pre-and-post-construction-termite-protection